Amazing-Man Comics #9

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Aman: The Amazing-Man

With war declared in Europe, Aman the Amazing-Man has stolen a German bomber and has flown to Berlin dropping bombs along the way. This confuses the Nazi forces who send up planes to shoot down what they think is a rogue pilot.

Despite Aman’s best efforts, his bomber is shot out of the sky and crashes on the ground. Searching the wreckage, the Nazis find Aman unconscious among the burning rubble and take him prisoner. Waking up in a cell, Aman tries to fight his way to freedom but is beaten into submission.

When he awakens again he finds himself in an underground hospital being treated for his wounds by two female nurses. By this point, the Great Question checks on Aman and orders him to return to his home in Tibet immediately. Hearing this telepathic order and given additional strength to heal his wounds, Aman abruptly gets out of bed and continues his fight for freedom. Outnumbered by guards, Aman begins to weaken again and turns into the green mist in order to flee the fight. However, his green mist is also suffering and Aman realizes that he needs another injection of the formula that gives him this power.

Around a corner he comes across two Nazi scientists entering a lab. He jumps them, but the scientists drop a vial of a chemical dousing Aman in it. He realizes that it is Hetrocoryn which reacts to his mist by turning into a deadly poison. He is quickly found by the Nazi guards again and unable to turn into the green mist without poisoning himself, the Amazing-Man is once again beaten into submission and taken prisoner.

The commanding officer orders Aman put before a firing squad where he is once more contacted by the Great Question, who insists he return home. With his strength restored yet again and the Hetrocoryn evaporated, Aman is able to fight his way free and escape in his green mist once more.

Before leaving, the Amazing-Man returns to the lab and allows his green mist to come into contact with Hetrocoryn that causes the entire complex to fill with poison gas killing all the Nazis inside. He then blows up the Nazi facility and flees the scene on a motorcycle. Driving to a nearby airfield, Aman overhears a pilot preparing a flight to Russia and intends to stow away so he can return to Tibet…

Recurring Characters

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  • < Great Question >

  • Nazis

Continuity Notes

  • Aman needs to inject himself with a special drug every day in order to turn into the green mist as seen in Amazing-Man Comics #5.

The green mist

Unfortunately, copies of this issue that are available do not include this text story. Other online records indicate this is a story about the Amazing-Man solving a crime taking place at a state penitentiary.

If you know where a copy of this text story can be found please provide the link in the comments section. Thanks!

Recurring Characters

  • < Amazing-Man >

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