Amazing-Man Comics #12

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“Aman” - the amazing-man

Aman the Amazing-Man has just turned over the long lost treasure to authorities. He turns down an offer of an reward, telling the officer that he has a fortune already. He then goes to a nearby phone to arrange a meeting with his new ally Zona Henderson. After the call he is approached by a homeless man who hands him a note warning Aman that there is a plot to destroy the Port of San Francisco in two days. Suddenly, the homeless men is shot down by three gunmen. Although the Amazing-Man catches two of them, they refuse to talk. After turning the shooters to the authorities, Aman meets up with Zona to tell her that he is going to San Francisco to foil the plot to destroy the port.

When Zona insists that she tag along, Aman tells her it is too dangerous. Meanwhile, the escaped, gunman reports to his boss to warn him that the Amazing-Man is heading to San Francisco. This man then contacts their employer, the Great Question, who decides to organize a suitable welcome for his long time foe. While this time, Zona is stowing away on Aman’s plane as he is busy checking out of his hotel room.

Unaware that Zona is hiding in the storage compartment, Aman gets caught in a sudden storm. The added wait from Zona makes it difficult to fly in these conditions forcing Aman to land the plane in a farmers field. There the pair head to a nearby barn to wait out the storm. Along the way they are attacked by a bull, but the Amazing Man is easily able to wrestle the beast into submission. After the storm is over, the pair continue their flight. When they arrive in San Francisco, Aman convinces Zona to check into a nearby hotel. However, the Great Question’s minions are waiting and kidnap the woman once she is alone.

Following his lead, Aman goes to the hideout of the sabetours. However, in the ensuing battle their leader manages to escape. Leaving the thugs with the police, Aman tracks down their leader and as the Great Question watches from a nearby super-television, Aman forces the man to reveal that they have Zona prisoner. Furious at this betrayal, the Great Question kills his minion. Aman then searches the building for clues to the Great Question’s hideout.

With Zona in immediate danger, Aman rescues her and ties up her captors. When they rush to the police station to warn them of the bombing the commanding officer doesn’t believe them and tries to arrest Aman. However, the Amazing-Man turns into the green mist and gets out of his handcuffs. Without the authorities aid, Aman goes to stop the bomber before he can set off his explosives. Stopping him in the nick of time, Aman takes the bomber and turns him over to some astonished police officers.

Recurring Characters

  • < Amazing-Man >

  • < Zona Henderson >

  • < Great Question >

Alleby and the forty thieves

The Amazing-Man is spending three days in Steelville. There he meets George Alleby, the local beat cop. Alleby tells Aman about the Forty Gang, a group of juvenile delinquents. Although George is past his prime, thanks to the help of the Amazing-Man he manages to break up the gang and keep his job.

Recurring characters

  • < Amazing-Man >

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